Our Services

We start the process as you make your demands. From the most common fruit and vegetable to the most unknown tropical ones, we find them and upply them immediately. We choose the freshest the purest of the products and we pack them in our own facility depending on the legal programmes and hygenic issues. When the product is ready to deliver, we use our own professional fleet to bring it wherever you are at the shortest time possible. Our journey starts when the fruit is picked, continues with your gratification and it turns itsef into a life long friendship with your trust.

Toptan Sebze Satışı

Wholesale of Groceries


Starting the business as a tiny greengrocer in Grocer’s Market in 1989, Güntop began the delivery to hotels, yachts, restaurants or planes with 2 or 3 vehicles in the mid 90’s, in Bodrum Peninsula by becoming a Limited Company in Bitez.

With the experience gained, with the quality of the service given, with the responsibility taken from the start till the end, with the variety of the products being sold, Güntop has added so many elite brands to the customers list in a very short while. By employing so many people directly and making as many people empoyed by others, and by the translucent way it operates, Güntop has become one of the best known businesses in the field and in the area.

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